Setting Up Emerald City Comic Con Was Harder Than it Looked.

March 22, 2018 Raena Merritt

Emerald City Comic Con. This show had layers of awesome, just like a delicious towering cake, and I am serving it all here in several slices of cake. By slices of cake, I mean mini blog posts. Part 1: Setup

Mystery boxes everywhere!

November 30, 2017 Raena Merritt

Adventures in making Mystery Boxes!

Ten (10) Autographed Plush GIVEAWAY - New Collectible - Little Helper Tentacle Kitty

November 14, 2017 Raena Merritt

Want an AUTOGRAPHED Little Helper Tentacle Kitty Plushie?

We will be giving away Ten (10) to different contestants.

Enter now to win!

Contest ends November 27, 2017.

First blog post on our site, ever… of all time!!!!

November 12, 2017 Raena Merritt

So, we typically don’t blog on our site. While I say typically, what I actually mean is never. You know what, though? I want to blog on our site. So I am! This past couple of weeks has been crazy for Tentacle Kitty. Dark Horse Comics announced the Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book release next May (2018), which we are so excited about we can’t stand it. We have some really great artists working on it, and it is going to be so fun! Also, something really cool happened at our booth in LA Comic Con two weekends ago. Normally, John...