May 16, 2018 1 min read


Before Emerald City Comic Con opened doors to attendees, John started to get busy signing autographs. Why?

Because Dark Horse put our coloring book on the "Minion" badges!

Minions are awesome, and we aren't talking about the yellow guys that dance and mumble a lot. We mean the hard workers at conventions that help make an awesome experience for attendees. 


Each "Minion" that came by the booth was rewarded for their hard work of running the con with lovely Tentacle Kitty lanyard.


I feel like I got to know some really nice people in Seattle because of this, especially the ladies who helped us at the Merchandise Booth. One of our kiddos forgot their newly acquired foam Reaper guns at the merchandise booth, and they would have been lost forever if not for the "Minions" at the merch booth going out of their way to tell us where the toys were.

Thank you!! You ROCK!

Also, as you can see, we got a minion badge signed by some very special people, but that is a story for another post!   

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