Mystery boxes everywhere!

November 30, 2017 1 min read 1 Comment

Mystery Boxes are one of my favorite things to do because I personally put them together. How do I do it? I list out all the combos and individual items, I grab my favorite dice, then I roll to see what goes in each box. FUN! Also, I feel like I am making holiday gifts for everyone, and it makes my heart glow.

Right now, I just rolled several rare item boxes in a row. I get to make a special card to put in each box to tell the person they won a rare item, with the item listed on it. Of course, I use my purple pen, because purple is my favorite color!

Oh, and our giveaway contest had a ton of entries. Winners have been selected and we will send those out as soon as the kitties arrive to be signed. Can’t wait.

Alright, you guys! Happy holidays! I’m going back to work. I hope you win the Legendary Golden Tentacle Kitty!


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Bree Soliz
Bree Soliz

December 28, 2017

I was so happy to get your mystery box. I waited until Christmas day to open it. You can only imagine my surprise and excitement as I saw the Legendary Golden Tentacle Kitty! I love it sooo much! Thank you!

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