Paradise Blue Tentacle Kitty PREORDER

Longingly staring at Tentacle Kitty all day, wishing she was real so you could give her huggles? Well now you can! If you love kitties, tentacles, cuddles and confusing people you know, this is the plush for you!

Now with a big boy rhinarium (That's latin for kitty snoot!)

  • Paradise Blue Hue
  • Dimensions: 8"x7"x6" (15" Diameter when tentacles fully stretched out.)
  • Can Balance on just about anything (Monitors, cups, Human Heads)
  • Regular Edition tag
  • 10 Cuddly Tentacles (she isn't an octopus after all)
  • Do not machine wash. Surface clean with a damp cloth.
  • For Ages 3+ 

*PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this with any currently in stock item, the in stock item will be held until your preorder item is fulfilled as well*

Estimated Arrival In Our Warehouse: Nov 25th