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Cotton Candy Mice (3 Pack) PREORDER

Cotton Candy Mice (3 Pack) PREORDER

When startled Cotton Candy Mice freeze and stiffen up, and look exactly like cotton candy on a stick.

Tentacle Kitty likes to pop them in her mouth, swish, and pop them right back out once their “floss” (fur) dissolves. The mouse scampers off unharmed in its skivvies, leaving a happy Tentacle Kitty behind.

We are not responsible for any zombie outbreaks that may occur as a result of Cotton Candy Mice infestation. Also, even though these smell delicious, please do not eat them.

  • Cotton Candy Mice are 5" long from nose to the tip of the tail.
  • Comes with three delicious colors. (Delicious to Tentacle Kitty, of course.) 
  • Smell like Cotton Candy. (Lasts for 30 years)
  • Do not machine wash. Surface clean with a damp cloth.
  • For Ages 3+

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$ 14.99